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4 Ways to Personalize the Boutonniere

When it comes to your big day, the bride always wants to walk down the aisle with a beautiful flower arrangement but what about the groom? Here are four fun ways to personalize your groom’s boutonniere depending on different themes for your wedding!


Having a superhero wedding? Well look no further because we have the perfect boutonnieres for you! Add a small Lego figurine to your groom’s boutonniere! This not only makes the boutonniere more playful and fun but it can also tie in with your table pieces if this is the theme you are going for. The figurines are small enough where they add just the right amount of flare to his outfit but do not take away from the groom himself!


If your groom is more on the sporty side, you can add some flare to his boutonniere by adding his favorite pastime sport! You can get creative and do a red string for baseball, orange roses for basketball or even add some tees to his bout if he is a golfer! This small amount of detail will allow so much of your fiancés personality to show on the big day!


If your color scheme has a small amount of gold, silver or sparkle then why not add it to your groom’s boutonniere! Just adding a hint of gold will turn any regular boutonniere into a one-of-a-kind accessory. You can get creative by spray painting different floral elements, like leaves and seeds, to give it a pop of metallic!


If you’re having a destination wedding then this boutonniere creation is perfect for you! Having a beach wedding? Then add a metallic crab to the back of the flowers. This will not only hold up the flower arrangement but it will also tie together your location with your big day! If you are having a countryside wedding, then add a farm animal or farm fixture to his boutonniere! Having a small decal will give him the perfect amount of flare without it being too overwhelming.

Photography Courtesy Of:

Meaghan Elliott Photography

J. Woodbery Photography

Ely Brothers Photography

N Barrett Photography

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