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  • Lindsay Condelli

Amanda & Ivan: Mom and Dad are Getting Hitched!

Hey Everyone!

Today we are featuring our third and final finalist for the Marylee Marmer Events Day of Giveaway!

Remember, these lucky couples are competing for the chance to have 6 hours of coordination at their wedding, a bridal bouquet and $200 worth of white poly linens!

We are so excited to share with you this next happy couple. Our third finalists are Amanda and Ivan, and it seems like they have had quite the exciting year so far! Check out their story below!

"We've had quite the busy year; a new house, a new car, an engagement, and a BABY! We can't wait for him to become part of our special day. With all that said, a friendly budget would be in our favor, and we know you can help! Please come be a part of our special day too! Thank you so much, Amanda & Ivan"

If you think this couple is deserving of our giveaway, please visit our Facebook and Instagram and like and share their post! Votes will be accepted through September 15th! (@maryleemarmerevents)

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