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  • Lindsay Condelli

Nicole & Anders: Long Journey Home

Marylee Marmer Events is so excited to announce the finalists for our Day of Coordination Giveaway! Our team read through a lot of amazing stories and it was very hard to choose, however, over the next couple of days we are so thrilled to be sharing the stories of some truly deserving couples.

The first happy couple to be featured are Nicole and her Fiancé Anders.

Here is there story.....

"Anders and I met through a mutual friend whom I had known since middle school Anders met my friend during their freshman year at college. During my sophomore year I went to go visit my friend at JMU and met Anders. We had an instant connection. I knew that weekend that I had met my soulmate... And Anders tells me he knew too although he might just say that to make me happy.

Not soon after, we started dating and Anders ended up transferring to my college down at ODU. My friends became his friends and vice versa. Over the years Anders and I dealt with ups and downs like all couples. We also dealt with issues that most couples don't deal with, like my brother battling cancer and losing his battle to cancer. This put a huge strain on our relationship as I dealt with my own depression and struggles to losing my brother. I ended up moving away to go to grad school while Anders stayed at ODU. During this time me and Anders broke up which at the time was the second hardest thing I've had to deal with in my life at this point.

The break up ended up being the best thing our relationship needed because for the first time in 4 years we could focus on ourselves. Anders and I got back together and were stronger then ever. We moved to northern Virginia together and Anders proposed. We've now been together for almost 7 years and it took us a very long time to get to where we are and its not always easy but we finally feel like we are in the best place we have ever been and have never been happier or more content.

I work as a social worker and Anders is starting out his career in an entry level position. I want to have my dream wedding to marry my dream man because who doesn't want that? We deserve to win this prize because we've worked hard to be where we are and are good people who are just deeply in love with one another".

If you think this couple is deserving of our giveaway, please visit our Facebook and Instagram and like and share their post! Votes will be accepted through September 15th! (@maryleemarmerevents)

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