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The Perfect Welcome Bag!

When your big day finally comes it is hard to greet your guest upon their arrival. These welcome bags are a great way to say “Hello, we are so glad you made it!” right when your guest make it to your wedding venue. These are also great for destination weddings or when you are hosting a lot of people who have come from out of town. Here are some top welcome bag ideas to help you create your own perfect bag for your big day!

Canvas Tote

The canvas tote is a great bag to use to welcome your guest! Not only is it perfect for your guest to use at your wedding, it is also something your guest can use after your big day. Canvas totes are perfect for carrying groceries or even going to the gym. The best part about these bags is that you can design them however you would like! Some people like to put the location of the wedding or their wedding theme on the bags.


Something to Sip

When you have a lot of out of town guest all arriving at the same hotel to check in, this welcome bag is perfect for you! Throw in some water bottles, a quick snack and even something bubbly to help your guests get ready for your big day. This bag makes it so your guest can stay hydrated without having to go to the hotel gift shop. To make this bag even more creative, you can add something to it that goes along with your wedding theme like, coconut water for a destination wedding or a bottle of wine from a local vineyard.


Outdoor Essentials

This welcome bag is perfect for an outdoor wedding for any season! You can add things like bug spray if the wedding is during the summer or a small fan to help your guest beat the heat. In the cooler seasons you can put together some tea bags, hand warmers and even in the rainy season you can add a small umbrellas or a fun poncho! To make your bag creative, you can add in some extra pampering products like sunscreen or lip balm.


The Weekend Adventure

Some weddings are more than just an overnight experience when the bride and groom decide to make their special day a weekend long event! This bag is perfect for those couples because you can leave a nice letter outlining the event timeline and even add in some fun things your guest can do around town when they have some free time. To make this bag more creative, you can add in a custom made map where all the events will take place. You can also add in some locations that were memorable to you and your fiancé so your guest can check them out!

Picture: The Knot

Contact us today to help you create the perfect welcome bags for your big day! You can also check out our Pinterest page for more great wedding ideas!

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