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Floral Bridesmaids Dresses - Yay? Or Nay?

“You belong among the wildflowers” Tom Petty once said. And we at Marylee Marmer think your bridesmaids do too! This year, brides are looking towards the runways for inspiration. The 70s are making a comeback in the fashion world and the bridal world is no exception. With cascading wildflower bouquets, lots of greenery and eco-friendly wedding trends, brides today are embracing their inner flower-child. Floral and ethereal dresses are a gorgeous contrast to the traditional solid and uniform bridesmaids dresses, and the bride’s special ladies have never looked better.

Not only are floral prints romantic, they add a unique touch to the bridal party look. Plus, since floral print is everywhere this year, your girls will want to wear their dress all summer long (just like one of our favorite quotes from wedding-movie favorite 27 Dresses “You can always shorten it and wear it again!”).

Floral prints come in all different varieties. Weather you’re looking for pastel and subtle or vibrant and bold they is an option perfect for you and your big day. Here are some of our top picks based on this blooming trend.

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