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The Latest Trend - Rose Quartz Gold

It is easy to talk about today’s new trends; probably because there are way too many to count, but one of the newest things we have found to be popular when it comes to color choices is including rose quartz into the little details of your wedding.

You may think, Okay Marylee, I like this but, the color is pink….that might be a little too “girly”. Well, rose quartz is definitely a shade of pink, however it is a very light shade which is why it is so popular among a lot of brides this year.

For those brides who are looking for that warm, fairy-tale-style wedding, rose quartz stands out because it is romantic, modern and very elegant. If you want to have a few more masculine touches, adding in the gold or rose gold undertones along with another trending color for 2016 (serenity), you will be sure to have colors which complement each other.

Photo Source: Pinterest

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