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Unique Ideas for the Big Day, Guest Book Edition.

Wish Jar

Wish jars are appropriate for many occasions including bridal showers and weddings. It is a unique way for guests to let you know they were there, without actually signing a book!

The wish jar would be somewhere at your shower or wedding where guests can fill out a small notecard with their wishes/advice for you and your soon to be spouse. Once they have filled out their own card, they can place it in some type of jar or box that you provide. After your wedding and shower are over, you can either read these wishes right away or you can lock them up and wait for a special anniversary date to open and read them all.

Creating this DIY Wish Jar, is a great way to have something of your own personal touch added to your special day. It is also an excellent way for guests to interact with you and you can save these wishes for the rest of your lives!

Photograph by: Essie Kate

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