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Ways To Save On Your Wedding Day - Part 2

This four-part blog series will feature all the ways to save money for your wedding day. In part 1, we focused on the beginning stages of planning. The beginning stages included the when, the where, and the how many. Part 2 gives you tips on how to save money on floral designs, catering, cakes, and dress. Next week, we will focus on music, bar, stationary, favors, photography and videography.

Photography by Alyse Michelle Images and Floral Design by Marylee


As a floral designer, for each of my couples, I give tips and tricks on how to save money. During the consultation we talk about things to do to switch out costly items. Here are a few suggestions:

- Repurpose as much as you can. If you use it for the ceremony, find a way to use it or even alter it for the reception. For example: I have taken vases lining the aisle and used them for the cocktail centerpieces or even the table centerpieces. Another example, use the bridesmaid bouquets as centerpieces.

- Many couple choose centerpieces that have less flowers or no flowers at all. We see a lot of couples using candles, lanterns, and other items as their centerpieces.

- If you choose centerpieces with more greenery and less blooms, it will save money.

- There are some expensive flowers per stem. If you chose a comparable flower in shape, size, and color that is less expensive, it saves money.

- If you buy local, in-season flowers it will save you money also.

- Instead of getting a separate toss bouquet for your reception, toss a bridesmaid bouquet.

Photography by Alyse Michelle Images and Food by Taziki's


Food can get very pricey. It takes up a large portion of your budget. Here are a few suggestions on saving money on catering:

- Many couples are switching to brunch weddings instead of lunch or dinner options. Breakfast food is less expensive, and you can get creative on things to service. For example: small plates of chicken and waffles have always been a huge hit with guests.

- Instead of a big buffet, couples are opting for passed heavy appetizers and a salad.

- Have a pasta dish instead of choosing a meat dish.

- Sometimes caterers will give a discount if they are hired for the rehearsal dinner, wedding reception, and brunch the next day.

Photography by Jason Collins Photography

Cakes and Desserts

Depending on what you get, big, tiered cakes can get pricey. Here are some suggestions on saving money with cake and desserts:

- If you aren’t a fan of a big, tiered cake, get a small cutting cake with desserts to serve.

- Order several different flavored small cakes to display

- Order a sheet cake and have your caterer serve it along with a small cutting cake.

- If your chose to decorate the cake, keep the embellishments at a minimum.

- If you want flowers on the cake, choose real flowers vs. sugar flowers.

- Choose classic fillings and flavors for your cake.

Photography by Don Mears Photography


- If you get a jump on ordering your dress and give extra time, you can save on rush fees.

- Be on the look out for trunk shows and deals from your local bridal salons

- Buy a sample dress and save big!

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