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Packing a Day-Of Bag: Five Things You didn't Know You Needed

By Jennifer Dendtler

You’ve waited months or even years for the big day. You’ve written to-do lists, sent countless emails, and slowly but surely pieced together each and every detail of the perfect day. It’s time to relax and enjoy the moment!

We’ve put together a list of our favorite essentials to help make your special day run smoothly. Toss them in your day-of bag, and you’ll be ready for just about anything. For more ideas, check out our “Day-of Must-Have Checklist!”

Extension Cord

No matter where you are getting ready for your big day, you’ll undoubtedly have either too few or inconveniently placed outlets. Make charging your phone or plugging in your steamer that much easier by bringing an extension cord. If you bring one with multiple outlets, you’ll have plenty of room for your whole bridal party to share.

White Chalk

White chalk is handy in case you find yourself with a small stain on your dress. Use a few quick swipes to cover up anything unsightly. It’s easy to apply and small enough to fit in any day-of bag.

White Gaffers Tape

Pick this up at any hardware store. White gaffers tape is the perfect tool to patch up any small tears in your dress the day of your wedding. It’s a vinyl-coated tape with a matte finish (unlike duct tape, which is shiny), so it will blend in rather nicely in a pinch. 


Tame fraying ribbons with a lighter. Just quickly apply heat to the ribbon edges, and you’ll see them seal right up.


After you’ve applied your lip liner, lipstick, and gloss, you’ll want to save your makeup for as long as you can. Bring straws to pop in your water bottle, soda, or other favorite day-of beverage, and you’ll be able to take a few sips without having to touch up your glam.

Interested in a few more ideas for you day-of bag? Check out this handy printable for more of our go-to items!

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