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How to find your perfect wedding vendors

Photography by Shalese Danielle Photography

You are engaged and now you are ready to find your perfect wedding vendors. To begin, start with inquiring with wedding vendors. You need to do your homework and set a budget for each vendor. When setting your budget, look at the number of guests first so that you do not fall in love with a venue or vendors that are out of your price range.

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Secondly, schedule appointments with the most popular wedding vendors you are considering first. This might be your photographer, venue, caterer, or even wedding planner. Please keep in mind vendors do book up in advance. When speaking to them over the phone it is good to ask as many questions as possible, but also focus on if you feel like they are the right personality for you. Your wedding day needs to feel stress free. If you pick a vendor whose personality you do not mesh with, it won’t keep you relaxed on your wedding day. Don’t forget you are entrusting them on your special day, so it is important to find the right one, but don’t take too long deciding. Most wedding vendors are first come, first serve. This means whoever delivers a contract and deposit gets the date first.

Photo provided by The Knot reviews for Marylee Marmer Events

Thirdly, read their reviews. Reading the reviews given of each vendor showcases how another couple liked or disliked working with them. When you finally tie the knot, do not forget to also write your own review. Some wedding vendors even win awards for their reviews. It is a special way of showing your thanks for them going above and beyond.

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Lastly, it is contract time! When meeting with vendors take notes on what they promise. It is important that when you ask for a contract that you have everything in writing. For example: If the venue says you can use the bridal suite two hours prior to the ceremony for no charge and it is not on the contract, ask them to put it in writing. If there is something you want to negotiate in the contract, do not be afraid ask. Sometimes couples can save hundreds just by asking for a customized contract that suits their specific needs.

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