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Drink Up!

This month's first blog is all about the life of the party: the drinks you serve! We know that weddings are an opportunity for celebration, and with that comes drinking. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to decide on which one is right for your event. We've put together our best advice on choosing the right bar for your wedding day, and how to keep the party going!

Crafted Cocktails

One of the more popular options at weddings in the last few years has been the specialty cocktail. With the influence of Instagram and Pinterest, couples are now focusing on adding a fun and personal drink for their day. Caterers and bartenders can help create this with their own suggestions, or in some cases, recreate a favorite drink of yours for the big day!

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Beer and Wine

Looking for something a little simpler? A beer and wine bar offers just a few options of both to keep costs down and guests happy. These bars usually feature two or three beer options, and maybe one red and one white wine. This is a great option if you know your guests are big on drinking.

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Full Service Bar

This bar option is the most popular, and definitely a good idea if your guests like to drink. This bar type offers beer and wine, but also a variety of liquors, too. These bars are also usually offered as an open bar (meaning there's no cost to guests, but more on that later). For larger events, this bar type can send up costing you and limit your remaining wedding budget.

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Cash or Open Bar

Open bars are bars that are free to guests, and allow guests to get as many drinks as they'd like (within reason; your bartenders will still limit overdrinking). Cash bars allow guests to purchase their drinks, and are a perfect option for couples who wish to save money on the bar costs.

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Want to skip on alcohol but don't want to limit the fun of your day? Caterers can create non-alcoholic options like mocktails for your day!

Not sure which option is perfect for you? Considering doing a little of all these options? Contact us today and we'll help you plan the perfect party for your day!

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