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A Colorful Summer Pallette

July heat brings about some truly beautiful blooms. An outdoor wedding can look like a Paint by Numbers picture with so many  flowers! So how do you choose the right color palette for your big day? We're sharing our favorite colors for a bright July wedding!

Jason Collins Photography

Pretty in Pink

Pink is already a staple color in weddings, evoking a soft, romantic feel. While pink can definitely be eye-catching (just ask Barbie), it can also complement other colors and allow those pieces to steal the scene. Pastel pinks look great with almost anything, but if you want it to be the standout color, consider adding complementary greenery and white accents to your centerpieces!

Joanna Hartsook Photography

Sunshine Yellow

You can find many in-season blooms have bright colors this time of year, and yellow is definitely a color that steals the spotlight! Don't be afraid to pick unique flowers for this bright hue to really up the wow factor in your flowers! Don't want yellow to steal attention? You can also add subtle touches of pastel yellow to complement a greater design!

Heather Chipps Photography

Coral Me Happy

A very cheerful color we love to see in July weddings is coral! This color goes perfectly with pink and yellow, and can both stand out and complement in any hue. Not so sure you want to go bright or bold? Do both! You can pick a few pieces that are darker in shade, and a few others that are lighter to give a beautiful bouquet some more depth.

Nicki Metcalf Photography

Need more help designing the right color palette for your day? Contact us today to pick the right flowers for your event!

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