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The Royal Wedding

With just a few short days until the long awaited royal wedding between Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle, more and more wedding details are emerging! We are still of course on the edge of our seats to see who might be the designer for Meghan’s dress and what it will look like, but lucky for us, the couple has been pretty open regarding other plans. To help curb your royal wedding obsessions and prep you for the big day on May 19th, we have decided to put together some of the details that we DO know about the big day! So stock up on the champagne and finalize your royal wedding watch party plans, because the ceremony of the year is just days away!

Source: The Telegraph


Meghan’s ring is nothing less than what we would expect for a soon to be member of the royal family. Made by Cleave and Company, the three stone ring features a center diamond from Botswana, surrounded by two side stones from Princess Diana’s collection. To say that Prince Harry did well is an understatement for sure! As far as the wedding rings go, experts have predicted that the couple will opt for simple Welsh gold bands as it has been a tradition since Harry’s grandparents.


Just days after the news of their engagement broke, Kensington Palace announced the location of the upcoming royal wedding - St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle; home to many royal festivities. Even though the chapel can fit about 800 people, it is predicted that the couple will only have about 600 attendees. Even though royal weddings traditionally take place on weekdays, the couple has moved away from this tradition and decided to have their big day take place on Saturday, May 19th, 2018! Following their ceremony, the couple will parade through the streets of Windsor in a Ascot Landau carriage pulled by horses Storm and Tyrone! Afterwards, the newlyweds will enjoy not one, but two receptions- a lunchtime one hosted by the Queen, and another hosted by Prince Charles in the evening. There will definitely be no shortage of celebration for the couple on their big day! During their wedding, Markle plans to make history by doing what no other royal bride has ever done and giving a speech dedicated to Harry. How rebelliously sweet!

Source: Royal UK


For their big day, the couple chose floral designer Philippa Craddock to supply their wedding blooms. According to Kensington Palace the displays in St. George’s Chapel will be created using locally sourced foliage, much of which will come from the gardens of The Crown Estate. Of course the arrangements will also include Markel’s favorites - peonies and roses. Following the days festivites, the florals will be distributed to charities within the area.


Those lucky enough to receive an invitation to the biggest event of the year were notified on March 22 of this year. When it comes to the invitations, they followed many years of Royal tradition and were made by Barnard & Westwood. The invitations featured the Three-Feathered Badge of the Prince of Wales printed in gold ink, with type in black. The stationary was featured on English cards with gilded edging while the ink was all American. With Meghan’s acting career and Harry’s A-List friends, there is definitely going to be no shortage of celebrities at the event. Some big names that we can count on to make an appearance include Ed Sheeran, the Spice Girls, Priyanka Chopra, and Markle’s on-screen hubby, Patrick J. Adams.



Rather than register online for a new cheese plate from Crate & Barrel, the couple has opted to request charitable donations instead. Meghan and Harry chose seven different organizations that they hold close to their hear and created a Royal Wedding Charitable Donations page so guests can make donations to each. The charities they chose include CHIVA, Crisis, Myna Mahila Foundation, Scotty’s Little Soldiers, Street Games, Surfers Against Sewage, and The Wilderness Foundation. The Queen however took it one step further and is rumored to be giving the couple their very own country home - York Cottage; much like the one given to Prince William and Kate Middleton following their big day back in 2011.


As for the most anticipated detail of the wedding - the dress, the least amount of information is known so far! What we do know however, is that much like Kate Middleton, Meghan will wear two different looks throughout the day. However, when it comes to designers we are still playing the guessing game. Some of the hints that have been dropped include big time designers such as Alexander McQueen, Inbal Dror and Roland Mouret, who just so happens to be one of Markle’s go-to designers. As of more recently, Ralph & Russo, the designers behind Meghan’s engagement photo dress, is also pegged as a top wedding dress contender! So while the options really are endless, I guess just like Prince Harry, we won’t see the dress until the big day as Meghan is walking down the aisle!

Source: Vanity Fair


When it comes to the most delicious part of their wedding, the couple chose the California-bred Claire Ptak, from Violet Bakery to craft their confection. According to Kensington Palace, the royal couple wanted a non-traditional cake and opted for a lemon elderflower cake that will be covered in buttercream and decorate with fresh flowers for decoration. This definitely steers away from the traditional alcohol-soaked fruit cakes that are so typically seen in royal weddings past.

When it comes to this year’s Royal Wedding, their are many qualities that will be considered as breaking the mold and steering away from traditions past. While this is true in some cases, the couple will also be keeping to some traditions such as wearing a tiara on the big day and Meghan’s baptism to the Church of England. Traditional or not, we personally cannot wait to tune in and see the happy couple’s big day unfold this weekend!

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